would you date an escort

What is an escort girl? Would you date an escort girl

Ive dealt with it hands on, and heres a very turthful overall assessment of the Toronto escort industry. I have done this, Ive dated proposed and am still together with one. Ive met many of her coworkers, and friends, and many of their stories

s/o -- would you date a man who has used escorts?

If youre happy with her work, go for it. Make sure shes still not charging you though! and sooner or later, her sleeping with other people may bother you and this relationship may go nowhere, so make sure youre comfy with that first, before anything.

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A real escort is just that, an escort so you can go to a party or something and not look like a loner. I wouldnt date this girl personally, but thats after hearing this specific situation. I couldnt date a girl that …

I am dating an escort. I could use some advice, please

An "escort girl" is a prostitute who wears nicer clothes, doesnt walk the streets, and charges more money to let you fuck her. She is still a prostitute and, no, I dont have sex with prostitutes. Never have and doubt I ever .. asked under Dating

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From the perspective of an escort: I met the love of my life, my twin flame, my consort, when he booked a date with me. He was, and is, a client.

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Hiya, Great reading, Im also dating an escort, have never come across any blogs/threads like this before. Ive felt like being an escorts boyfriend would put me in the minority.

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would you date an escort

My Girlfriend is an Escort. I write about our relationship and how it feels like to be involved with a sex-worker, trying to understand actors of the sex-industry.

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Would you date someone even if you knew that they used to be an escort? Male/female. As long as shes no longer in the business and std free I would see her no different then any other girl . asked under Dating

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Would you date a girl who was or is an escort? but she is really loving, smart, honest and does everything for you. Its just her job and shes only doing it a few years to save up some money and invest in something good. (house, car etc)