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ROBERT ALLAN LTD. NAVAL ARCHITECTS Project 213-063 Rev. 3 An Evaluation of Local Escort and Rescue Tug Capabilities in Juan de Fuca Strait EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

AVT 36/70E new high-performance escort tug for

escort tug

Rotortug. The Advanced RotorTug® (ART) is a Robert Allan design provided with the patented Rotortug® propulsion configuration consisting of two diesel driven azimuth thrusters in the fore ship and one diesel driven azimuth thruster in the aft ship.

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escort tug

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escort tug

Increasingly port authorities are insisting on escort tug arrangements for visiting tankers, a trend that has gathered pace in recent years albeit long since the groundings of the Sea Empress and Exxon Valdez highlighted the potential benefit.

A Presentation To: BC Towboat Industry Conference, 2006

The new tug, due for delivery early in 2006, will be used primarily to escort tankers en-route to the Shell Terminal at Tranmere. The tug will be 37.5m in length with a breadth of 13.5m, powered by two 2640kW (total approx - 7200bhp) main engines driving a pair of Voith Schneider cycloidal propulsion units.

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Escort Tug Performance Prediction: A CFD Method by Brendan Smoker B. Eng, University of Victoria, 2009 A Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment

Tanker Escort Tug Operations – the legal perspective

1.8 Escort tug requirements Below is a list of some of the general requirements for tethered escort tugs: Optimal maneuverability and high free running speed.

An Evaluation of Local Escort and Rescue Tug Capabilities

escort tug

When the escort tug is kept on too short a line, the ship’s wheel wash will cause the tug to yaw from side to side and affect the steering of the ship. A short towline can also hinder the tug’s ability to deliver indirect and powered indirect maneuvers, as part of the tug’s hull will remain in the ship’s wheel wash. When the narrowness of the channel requires a shorter towline, a

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2 Figure 3: Typical escort tug operational attitude (courtesy of Robert Allen Associates). The tug design uses the ship’s propulsion in conjunction with the keel kedge to provide the

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CFD Escort Performance Prediction Method

SAAM SMIT Towage Canada has taken delivery of what will be the first IMO Tier III emissions-compliant escort tug to operate in British Columbia. Named Tsimshian Warrior, the tug was handed over

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For Sale: ASD Escort Tug for Towing operations, Harbour Mooring, Escort, Fire Fighting (FiFi) and Tanker Assist applications

VIDEO: Uzmar deliver’s B.C.’s first IMO Tier III compliant

escort tug

BC Towboat Industry Conference, 2006 Robert Allan Ltd. Vancouver, BC Ship-handling vs. Escorting • Speed of towing operations critical – Harbour towage typically occurs at < 6 knots • Proposed definition of “escort tow ing”: The deployment of a tug in a position from which it can rapidly and safely effect steering or braking control over a ship which has lost propulsion