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ESCORT Radar MAX 360C Radar Detector -

Max 360c The ESCORT Max 360c is the first radar and laser detector designed for the connected car. With built-in Wi-Fi, the MAX 360c updates through the on-board Wi-Fi connection, alerting the driver to the latest ticket threats in real-time.

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escort passport max 360 c
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Page 1 Access to ESCORT’s ® DEFENDER Database, which warns you of verified speed ESCORT Max 360 features a multi-color OLED display. traps, speed cameras and red light camera Brilliant graphics illuminate intuitive icons that identify the MAX 360 360 Ω Radar / Laser Detection type of …


Escort goes beyond the max with the Escort MAX 360c! This state-of-the-art traffic enforcement countermeasure brings intelligent 360° radar and laser detection to your dashboard with front and rear dual antennas, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth capability and GPS for all-around threat detection and lightning fast response.


The ESCORT MAX 360 offers true 360 degree protection against all ticket threats out there today. Its front and rear dual antennae design offers pinpoint precision. Multi-directional arrows indicate the direction of the threat.

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The ESCORT MAX 360c is the first driver alert system designed for the connected car. When paired directly to the car’s WiFi (2.4GHz only), the MAX 360c automatically connects to ESCORT Live® without the need for a smartphone.

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Escort Passport incorporates advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) electronic chips, which provide significant advantages over traditional radar, data processing designs. The RF transceiver design of the Passport MAX is also new and more effective. The Passport MAX 360 tests show highly repeatable test results with Distance at 12+ miles, yes 12 miles plus, and more importantly "Over the Hill" detection at … passport max 360

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Escort Max 360 Radar Detector Review

Combine the Passport Max 360 from Escort Radar with the ShifterPro, Laser Jammer, a dual laser jammer, or the ShifterPro Quad, or the Blinder HP905 Triple laser defense, and you will have a superb radar laser jammer and photo countermeasure system.